CCTV Systems & Security Installations

Here at Innosys Ltd, we can offer you a range of CCTV systems ranging from small residential properties to large project managed installations. Our CCTV packages are bespoke for each workplace/School or home environment due to the range on the market.

CCTV has become very popular throughout the UK as we can now benefit from 1080p HD resolution at 720p real time recording also with the infra-red night vision CCTV cameras you are now guranteed to capture images 24-7 with fantastic video recording.

All our engineers are experienced and trained in the installation and operation of the CCTV systems we provide, and will happily help in the event of an incident to provide all the relevant CCTV footage to a member of staff or the police for major incidents.

At Innosys Ltd we can provide remote viewing of your CCTV system, this has become a major selling point as you do not need to be in front of your CCTV recording system to watch a specific recording.

For example you are out of the workplace or home and want to check on your premises, you can simply do this by the click of a button on your mobile phone or from anywhere in the world using a PC. We can provide any CCTV System to best suit your needs.

For more information on the CCTV systems please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to carry out a free site survey to ensure you have a great, cost effective CCTV system that suits your workplace or Home.

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